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About Change Energy | Change Energy

About Change Energy

Aboout-Us2Change Energy is the industry’s most experienced authority and provider of end-to-end compressed gas fuelling solutions, from feasibility and planning to design and delivery. We offer a full range of project competencies and services that ensure the practicality, safety and cost-effectiveness of your compressed gas project.

The majority of our projects focus on two areas:

  • Compressed gas fuelling infrastructure for vehicles
  • Engineered systems that deliver bulk CNG to off-pipeline industries and remote communities

Our team’s combined project experience comprises more than 70 years of designing, installing and operating fuelling stations and energy systems in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our extensive leadership roles in codes and standards development have supported this global participation.

We Are Fuel and Technology Neutral

Optimum choice of fuels and technologies is best considered in varying contexts – regional and otherwise. Change Energy considers the advantages of a wide range of fuels including hydrogen (compressed or liquefied), natural gas (compressed or liquefied), bio-mass, propane- air and renewable electricity.

Considering both the fuel and the application we determine the best equipment technologies for your project. We draw on our extensive knowledge and experience with various manufacturer’s offerings for compression, storage, transportation and dispensing of compressed gas fuels.

We See Energy as an Integration Opportunity

For decades our economy has been building energy silos: gasoline and diesel for vehicles, natural gas for heating buildings, and electricity for appliances and electronics. The result is a patchwork of technologies and infrastructures that don’t connect with each other and that are unable to capitalize on the benefits of cleaner energy sources. This has led to multiple layers of inefficient energy use and a carbon footprint that is larger than it needs to be. To be more sustainable, we need a more integrated approach with cleaner compressed gas fuels and renewable energies playing important roles.

As our name implies, Change Energy is equipped for a world of changing energy priorities and possibilities. We put applied sustainability at the core of everything we do to maximize financial and environmental benefits for our customers. In other words we don’t treat sustainability as a concept – we implement it as a solution.

Contact Us if you are contemplating a compressed gas fuel project.

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