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Virtual Pipeline Solutions | Change Energy

Virtual Pipeline Solutions

Delivering Natural Gas Infrastructure to Your Door

Oil price volatility exposes operations with high fuel consumption to all types to financial risk. Natural gas prices are relatively stable, however, if your facility is not on the existing gas system, the cost and time to have the utility install pipeline to bring fuel to your operation can be prohibitive.

Industries and communities that typically face this situation include:

  • Food processing
  • Oil & gas
  • Mining operations
  • Remote communities

Change Energy offers a Virtual Pipeline infrastructure solution that can deliver compressed or liquefied natural gas (CNG or LNG) to almost any part of North America. Our solution is based on rigorous application of best practices and regulatory compliance, together with highly tuned logistics and unbiased collaboration with leading fuel and equipment providers. The result is a fuel delivery system that is tailored to provide a safe, uninterrupted fuel supply at the required pressure and feed-rate, at the right cost, for your operation.

Our CNG Decanting Station Solution Sheet can help you assess if your operation is a good candidate for bulk natural gas delivery.

Working together, we can supply a fully functional solution that meets your time frame, including the full training of your drivers and operators to ensure that safe, fully managed practices begin on day one.

Our Virtual Pipeline Experience

Change Energy has delivered several Virtual Pipeline solutions across Canada, bringing clean, economical fuelling to food processing plants, the oil & gas industry, ethanol producers, brick and tile manufacturers and other high energy demand industries.

Change Energy’s depth of experience in Virtual Pipeline and other compressed gas infrastructure projects is profiled in our Project list

Additional details are available for the following projects:

Contact Us if you think your operations can benefit from clean, economical natural gas.

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