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Off-Pipeline Natural Gas Network | Change Energy

Off-Pipeline Natural Gas Network

A regional energy infrastructure company has process industry customers with high energy needs that have historically relied on low-grade heating oils. Certain developments in the region led to these fuels becoming less available and more expensive. Compressed natural gas (CNG) was the desired alternative fuel for major end-users, however, without access to a pipeline this necessitated a Bulk HP G

as Delivery solution.

Project Fact Sheet

Date of completion: 2013

Scope of Work:

In fulfilling its contract to deliver a turn-key project Change Energy Services provided:

• Comprehensive technical and financial Feasibility Assessment of a bulk transport solution, including all cost estimates.

• Process Engineering Design of the entire mother-daughter station network to provide high reliability for demanding fuel-dependent processes at three end-user locations allowing for multiple future daughter stations.

• Project Management of the project as a whole while overseeing existing in-house and contracted resources for assigned portions of the plan.

• Development of specifications for each equipment type; administration of quotation process with selected suppliers.

• Compliance requirements with Authorities Having Jurisdiction • Collaboration on Safety Plans & Training with existing contractor and in-house staff

• Pre-design of future expansion doubling the station’s 2013 throughput capacity


An integrated turn-key Bulk HP Gas Delivery solution comprised of the following:

(1) Mother Station:

Compressor: 9,200 scfm total (4 compressors @ 2,300 scfm each)
Dryer: 11,500 scfm
Fuelling lanes: 4 lanes c/w dual hose fill posts


Daughter stations (3):

Decanting equipment: Multiple decant lanes (3-4) with continual pressure and temperature control.

Drive-through and back-in configurations to accommodate individual customer requirements


Transport Infrastructure:

CNG trailers: Full complement of trailers designed to meet the needs of several different customer loads, distances and planned redundancy

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