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Hydrogen Refuelling | Change Energy

Hydrogen Refuelling

Hydrogen and fuel cells enter the electric transportation mix

While it makes environmental sense for many vehicle types to trend toward electrification, it doesn’t make practical sense for all such vehicles to run on batteries. Vehicle size, application and operating patterns may determine that an alternate electric vehicle technology – fuel cells – is more suitable, either on its own or as part of a hybrid configuration with batteries.

Hydrogen is the fuel that powers fuel cell vehicles. Not widely available today, user access to hydrogen refuelling facilities is a key factor in how this new technology is rolling out into potential markets. Early fuel cell adopters so far have been centrally-managed vehicle fleets in large part because vehicles are fuelled in one place. Electric forklifts and city buses are an example.

Personal vehicles on the other hand require more refuelling points. As an entry to this market, car companies selectively retail their fuel cell vehicles in cities and regions where investment in hydrogen infrastructure is supportable by clusters of users. For this reason, initial fuelling station networks are appearing in such places as California, Germany, U.K., Scandinavia, Japan, Korea and China.

Change Energy’s experience in hydrogen vehicle applications and supporting infrastructure can provide valuable assistance in making key decisions around how and when hydrogen and fuel cells should be considered for your future vehicle purchases.


Our Hydrogen Involvements

Change Energy has been a key provider in the development and installation of several of the world’s first hydrogen fuelling installations in North America, Europe and Asia. For locations refer to our Projects List.

We have also served on many occasions as an authority and government resource in the undertaking of in-depth studies and analysis related to hydrogen vehicle applications and infrastructure development. Additionally, our principals have a longstanding involvement in the development of Codes and Standards for hydrogen fuelling installations.


Global initiatives

Specific regions are setting the pace for hydrogen infrastructure development. Learn about a few of them here.

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