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Natural Gas Refuelling | Change Energy

Natural Gas Refuelling

GainEmterra fleetSwitch your fleet to natural gas for triple bottom line benefits

Typically fuelled by a combination of diesel and gasoline, these vehicles somewhat disproportionately account for around 35% of all vehicle emissions. Environmental and economic improvements can be achievable today through the replacement of these fuels with natural gas.

Change Energy knows well that all operations are different. As a result we use our proprietary modelling tools and assessment practices to look at the specifics of your operation– not just about the business itself but the people that make it all work.

To determine if your operations present a good opportunity for natural gas fuelling, we consider many factors:

  • The size and types of vehicles in your fleet
  • The age of your vehicles
  • Current and historical fuel consumption
  • Various aspects of your operations
  • Access to a natural gas supply
  • Your existing vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Your sustainability goals

Download Facilities Optimization for Introduction of NGV Fleets

Our Project list demonstrates Change Energy’s depth of experience in vehicle refuelling and other compressed gas fuelling infrastructure. Additional details are available for the following projects:

Contact us before starting your vehicle refuelling project to benefit from our broad experience in this industry.

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