We ensure that the right decisions come ahead of your capital investments – decisions that optimize alternative fuel systems and infrastructure for your operations today and into the future. After the decisions, our end-to-end services can make it all happen.


Energy sustainability means change for the better, using resources and technologies that are efficiently integrated.

Hydrocarbons can be good. Large-scale capture and distribution of biogas fuel is opening a vast renewable energy opportunity.

Hydrogen is the ultimate fuel with benefits that go far beyond clean.

Economically and environmentally, natural gas is today’s most accessible fuel.

Compressed gas fuels can play a key role in clean electrification.

Be Confident in Your Big Decisions

Whether in the role of owner’s engineer, or as a team member responsible for discrete project responsibilities, Change Energy’s experience in providing unbiased guidance is unmatched in the compressed and liquefied gas industry.

Our Proprietary Modelling Tools put rigour into the assessment of your business case while optimizing your system design and equipment selection.

Our leadership roles in compressed gas safety codes & standards development mean that the same people who helped create safety assurance for the industry can deliver an important project for you.

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Bulk CNG Delivery

We help break down barriers to the benefits of natural gas for communities and high energy operations located off-pipeline.

Vehicle Refuelling

We work with the full range of providers and stakeholders to develop natural gas and hydrogen fuelling solutions for vehicles of all sizes and service profiles. We help fleet owners determine if an alternative fuel makes sense for them.

Expert Analysis

Many types of organizations engage our services to gain the understanding and assurances needed to make decisions and take positions on the alternative fuel opportunity.

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